Friday, May 29, 2009

The people in Florida prayed for rain...and it won't stop

Here we are in Harvard on June 21, 1959 - Father's Day - It's Howard, Alan, Donna, Dennis, Steve and Ron. Diane's not in this picture because she hasn't been born yet.....
Friday, May 29, 2009 - Yes, it's still very cold here, however, the sun is shining this morning (hurray!!!) and it's wonderful to see it. They're talking about THUNDERSTORMS later this afternoon -- that's not right. At some time during the next few days, I do have to mow the yard. That takes approximately 3 hours if I don't have to mow over the same spot twice. Yeah, sometimes, the grass is SO tall, I have to cut it two times. Otherwise, I get clumps and chunks and general disorder in the yard.

Since the good people of Florida were having a severe drought (earlier this year), they prayed and prayed for rain and now it won't stop -- I think we should pray for a drought and then maybe the rain will stop. That's logical, isn't it?? We are ALL so sick of this rainy, cold, depressing, ugly weather. Hmmm Maybe the sun will shine in our state when the SUN shines on the corrupt politicians and illuminates their evil deeds. Evil doers...that's what they are. It's so embarrassing!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, how can you NOT know that bribing people and lying and cheating is wrong???? Do they live in an alternate reality? Do they have some sense of entitlement? Are these perks of their job? Did these people check their conscience at the door? I personally don't understand how you can NOT know that this culture of corruption is just plain wrong. Maybe I just answered my own question. When you're playing dirty pool, you're hands are going to become contaminated -- and after that, everything else you touch is going to get polluted and dirty and nasty. Yikes!!

Now, this morning, we're hearing about another influence scandal regarding admissions at the University of Illinois. Hmmm, interesting that really intelligent, talented students can't get in but politically connected weasels with less than stellar credentials are given the keys to the kingdom. Oh my. This entire state is corrupt. Mercy! Glad I went to NIU -- and I could walk to school, too. But, I'm sure they have their own backroom deals going on... wink wink

It's the end of the day. I wrote the above a long time ago. It's still the same old, same old. Gotta go. Let me see what kind of picture I can put in here. see ya later, djb

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's almost June and it's still COLD.....

Here's Jarrett and another kid (could be Chad) in the swimming pool back in the olden days when we had WARM weather in the summer!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009 - After all these years, I still haven't figured out (exactly) how this website works (Blogger Blog). If I want to put in more than one photo, it goes berserk. Oh well, very few people have ever read or seen any of this anyway, so it's another one of my hidden blogs.....kind of amusing to me. The one good thing about Blogger is that I can access it from anywhere in the world. Not that I ever go anywhere except for Florida....IF I ever did, I could actually report from faraway locales if they had an internet connection.

I'm SO tired of this cold, rainy weather. Last week, we were treated to the 80's and sunshine. So, is that it for the summer? Are we going to freeze for the next three months and get moss on our northern exposures??? Right now, I'm wearing socks because my feet are cold. brrrr

Right now, I'm going to find an appropriate picture and post this up on the www. Hope wherever you are it is SUNNY and WARM. See ya later, djb

P.S. The picture I found is one of Jarrett in the swimming pool....back in the days when it was warm in the summertime!!!