Saturday, January 29, 2011

It might be a little hard to see, but there are TONS of hoof prints all over the front yard!
Saturday, January 29, 2011 - Last week, early one morning, I looked out the front window and saw a doe standing quietly and serenely at the bird feeder eating bird seed.

It was 4:14 a.m. Too dark to take a photo. But it's etched in my brain forever. Simply and sweetly beautiful. After a time, she slowly walked away toward the woods.

In the morning, I noted that there were only two sets of prints in the yard. One set where she came in to the feeder and the other set where she left.

Apparently, she's QUITE a blabbermouth because when I looked out this morning, the first thing I noticed was that the feeders were almost empty. The other day, they were full....

Hmmm. Then, I saw all the hoof prints all over the place in the front yard. Coming and going in every direction. It was cool to see. I tried to capture the brouhaha in the picture above.

WOW! Too bad I wasn't awake to see that party! later, djb

Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's our neighbor's house (Gene) before the transformation.

Here's Gene's house yesterday afternoon. It looks yellow but it's really more of a light brownish (tan) color.
Friday, January 21, 2011 - This is what I've been watching for the past week. Gene and Brenda's ugly brown 1970's era house has been turned into a modern looking, cute as a bug, updated, 21st century home. I love it.

It's funny because his original color is not unlike the color of our house. Although we have more of a reddish tone, it's still that dark, dated cedar siding.

I've been taking pictures since they started because there's not much else a person can do in this weather. And those guys who are working out there in the COLD....I sure hope they're not planning on being out there today. It would be very dangerous.

Hey, that's one of the reason Bergs moved to Florida. Too darn cold in northern Illinois in the winter. I second that emotion.

brrrr and icicle ya later, djb

Monday, January 17, 2011

This is the view of the driveway this morning at 8:45 a.m.
Monday, January 17, 2011 - I'm not sure if it was snowing when I got up a little before 6 a.m., but I think it started shortly thereafter and hasn't let up since then.

For a while, you could barely see across the street. Now, it's just light flurries. They're saying we might get sleety rain and ice. Boy! That sounds like fun, eh?

sleet ya later, djb

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This was taken at 8:26 a.m. this morning. You can see the sun coming up behind the trees. That's very cool.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - We finally have fresh snow covering the ugly grass once again. But we all knew that would happen sooner or later. Hate those mid-winter thaws that get rid of all the snow. It's very confusing -- is it still winter??

I totally feel sorry for all those people in the south -- especially Atlanta -- they got so much snow and tons of ice. I read some comments from Yankees making fun of the southerners. BUT, I've driven in Georgia and it's not easy even when the weather conditions are perfect.

Flatlanders have a hard time with all the mountains, hills and curvy roads. We're used to FLAT LAND. That's why they call us flatlanders. Get it? gotta go....bye....djb

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here's the kitty that was sitting on the edge of the pool (in the sun) yesterday. Now I know where those kitty-cat pawprints came from!

Snow on the pool and evergreens in the back where only yesterday the kitty was sitting on the edge right there!
Tuesday - 1-11-11 - It was so exciting to see that kitty cat out there yesterday. He's been walking around in the driveway for a long time because I've seen his paw prints. I knew it wasn't a raccoon -- and I hoped it wasn't the skunk. yikes!

It's time to go out and tackle the driveway. When I watched the weather at 12:30, I noticed that we are NOT in the severe weather watch area. So, we've got that goin' for us. yeah!

snow shovel ya later, djb

Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's the star on Jarrett's side of their gravestone on January 3, 2008 - would've been his 20th birthday.
Friday, January 7, 2011 - There's something in that star on the gravestone that speaks to me. I can't look at it enough. It's so awesome!!!

Enough said, Donna. Thanks, djb

Monday, January 3, 2011

I like this picture because the wind blew one of Jarrett's balloons perfectly in front of the gravestone. Happy Birthday, Jarrett!
Monday, January 3, 2011 - It was pretty funny trying to take pictures of the balloons and the flowers with the wind whipping the balloons every which way. Plus, it was COLD out there.

At least, Jarrett was thoughtful enough to ask the weather angels to get rid of the snow for me. Thanks, J-man. Some years, I can't even get in the cemetery on Jarrett's birthday because it's too icy and scary on the roads.

I miss you, Jarrett. Thanks for stopping by earth for a few years to be my little special man. Love you forever, mom

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This is the first time Grandma and Grandpa Berg met Jarrett. It was May 1988 (Mother's Day). He was 5 months old.
Saturday, January 1, 2010 - I like this picture. I've been scanning some Jarrett photos for his picture page that I'll put up on my Andrew-Jarrett website on January 3rd.

Hard to believe that he would have been 23 years old if he hadn't died. WOW! That's just very difficult to grasp. He was just a kid the last time I saw him. I guess he'll remain forever 15. God bless the saintly boys. later, djb