Saturday, December 26, 2009

This is the view outside earlier this morning. If you look really close at the shed, you can see the snow actually snowing. Right now (9:10 a.m. CDT), it's snowing quite vigorously. It's beginning to look a lot like Uncle Ron's birthday!!!
Saturday, December 26, 2009 - To most people, this is the day after Christmas. Maybe it's even Boxing Day if you're British. However, in our family, it's Uncle Ron's boofday. He was born approximately 52 minutes after Christmas many years ago....

We'll always remember the day he was born because he was SUPPOSED to be born ON Christmas. But then, Jesus and Sister already had that day, so being the nice guy he is, he chose the next day to be born. Kudos to Uncle.

Just wanted to get this picture up so our Florida contingent (and visitors) can smugly proclaim, "Snow's so pretty, glad we're NOT there!" snow ya later, djb

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Here's Jarrett's happy little white pine tree on 12/22/2009 -- it was snow-covered but was still looked good, like a tree in winter should.

Here's Jarrett's sad little white pine tree this morning -- saggy, droopy, totally ice-covered. Yikes! Holy ice storm, Batman!
Saturday, December 24, 2009 - I took these pictures from the window in the garage so I have pretty much the same perspective. The ice that covered all of the trees is solid. It is not moving. It kind of like an insect being encased in amber although the will eventually melt.

It's so beautiful and so destructive. The last time I heard, the temperature was 33 degrees. This will all be gone soon. However, the weather is going to be replaced by 40 mph winds and 2 inches of rain. Hola el nino, como estas?

see ya later, djb

Sunday, December 20, 2009

*Let it Snow* -- I saw these two little guys in the store and I had to get them. They sit on the window sill by the kitchen sink. I love smiley snowmen toys.
Sunday, December 20, 2009 - I'm not sure what's going on but it's 8:13 p.m. and I think that my general malaise is lessening. Since I don't have a fever, I'm not sure WHAT is wrong with me. All I know is I felt achy and out of sorts all day long today.

Yesterday, I knew I was sick because I can tell by the way the lights look - they have a weird sort of color that only appears when I'm not right. That reminds me of when I was little but I only noticed that strange coloration when I had a high fever.

Just wanted to get this picture in here tonight. see ya later, djb

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here's Grandpa and Granny watching the weather before we head out to the airport on Thursday. Thankfully, we had perfectly clear skies for our takeoff from Sanford.
Sunday, December 6, 2009 - Since my computer spent so much time in cyberspace yesterday, I didn't download my Florida photos yet. Well, except for 6 pictures I took the last day I was there of which, the above is one.

After they dropped me off at the airport, Bergs went to buy a new car in Sanford. Granny sent me some photos of it and once I get those in my picture file, I can put old and new on here. That will be sweet. I was the last kid in our family to ride in the old car!!!!! nyah, nyah, nyah.....etc. Of course, Diane will be the first kid to ride/drive in the new car. So there. haha

Better go -- those skedaddling shoes are ready to go on an adventure. later, djb

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma before they went to church on Sunday. I always stop them at the door to take a picture. Why? Because I have a camera.
Wednesday, December 2, 2009 - It's the full moon, so I figured I'd better update the world about Granny's progress. She's doing great! Right now, she and Grandpa are at Water Aerobics getting a good workout. I'm here my fingers are getting exercise. haha
Every day, Mother uses the little bicycle to work on her knee. Sometimes, it's a little less flexible, but after a bit she gets it going around and around. Usually for about 15 minutes. That's when I get out the weights and try to get some muscle tone back in my arms. It's pretty fun.
That's all for now. We're waiting for the severe weather to come in later today. It's all because of El Nino. They didn't have any hurricanes this year, so they're supposed to get tornadoes during the winter. Pick one or the other -- both not good. A gentle rain would be nice.
see ya later, djb